Winter is coming!

  Runny nose, sore throat, wanting to stay in bed for longer, extra tight shoulders and neck, outside suddenly seems dangerous to go out, ah winter must be approaching. The temperature has dropped and our motivation, the little motivation that we did have, has dropped too, making us stay indoors longer, possibly sipping on that […]

Posted on the 6th November, 2017

Ultra Marathon

An interview with one of our patients here at Richmond Osteopaths Colin Brett who completed the 250km Fire and Ice Ultra Marathon. Iceland’s toughest foot race! What is it? The Fire and Ice Ultra spans a 250km course that incorporates many of the most spectacular environments literally bringing the unique, spectacular, remote and pristine Icelandic […]

Posted on the 25th October, 2017

Ready, Set, Stretch…..

The Richmond Running Festival There are so many running events happening at the moment and last weekend saw the Richmond Running festival return for another year. Our very own team took part in the Kew Gardens 10k on Saturday.If you have signed up to an event, then congrats to you and good luck with all […]

Posted on the 23rd September, 2017

Richmond Osteopaths in the Autumn edition of the Darling Magazine

We were very excited to be asked to be a part of this great magazine. Here is our article published in the Richmond Darling magazine Autumn edition. Check it out here, Darling Richmond Autumn edition.

Posted on the 6th September, 2017

Are running injuries getting you down?

3 common running injuries to never train through. Are running injuries getting you down? Getting into running can be hard at the best of times, especially if you have signed yourself up for that half marathon you always said you’d do; or getting back into exercise after your holiday of a few too many cocktails. […]

Posted on the 9th August, 2017

Tennis elbow

Wimbledon is just around the corner, more people are either dusting off their Tennis racquets or preparing to spend a few hours watching it. We often see an increase in Elbow injuries during this time. The most common that we see is Tennis Elbow. What is Tennis Elbow? Unlike the name suggests, Tennis Elbow is […]

Posted on the 29th June, 2017

London to Brighton Bike Ride British Heart Foundation

London to Brighton Bike Ride British Heart Foundation is just around the corner…. and two of our colleagues at Richmond Osteopaths are doing it! Suraj and Ellie are all set to go. We have been watching them build up their training program and have helped them with their various niggles and strains to keep them […]

Posted on the 16th June, 2017

Is Hay Fever getting you down?

Is Hay Fever getting you down? Summer is here and for a large number of people that also means Hay Fever is coming too. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen. The symptoms are awful, you may experience sneezing, a runny nose, red and scratchy eyes! Although Hay fever does not pose a serious […]

Posted on the 1st June, 2017

Will Burks Personal Training

Will Burks Personal Training picks a client each month that has worked super hard, even though sometimes it can be an uphill struggle. Excuse the pun. So Will sends them to us at Richmond Osteopaths for a free first session. The Client of the Month for April is … AMANDA! Amanda has been training really […]

Posted on the 4th May, 2017

Rule of the artery is supreme

 Rule of the artery is supreme There is this saying in Chinese medicine: “if Qi is free, there is no pain, if Qi is blocked, there is pain”. Qi is the vital energy that basically powers the body. Chinese Medicine draws many of its philosophy from observing nature and making comparisons with the human body. Just as […]

Posted on the 10th April, 2017