What is ‘Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome?’

By Giovanni Bruno Are you suffering from lower back pain? Have you ever considered that you may have sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction rather than a lower back problem? I see this condition often in clinic as too much or too little movement in this joint can create problems. This joint is found in the pelvis […]

Posted on the 22nd February, 2020

Health is Wealth

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” This is in the words of the famous Yoga guru B.K.S, Iyengar, but it’s very true. Health should be looked upon globally and holistically. Here are […]

Posted on the 22nd October, 2019

Osteopathy and Jaw pain

by Harry Hovell Between 5-10% of the UK population suffer from jaw pain. Making simple tasks such as talking and eating more difficult. Osteopathic treatment may be what you need to eliminate your pain. There are many causes of jaw pain, and osteopaths can help manage the musculoskeletal causes of the pain. The muscles that […]

Posted on the 14th September, 2019

Exercising in Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy I often get the question from pregnant ladies whether it is safe to exercise during pregnancy. Keeping active during pregnancy is very important and it will help your body cope with all the physiological changes and the demand placed on the body from your growing baby including the increase in weight and […]

Posted on the 4th August, 2019

10 Top Tips for Summer Feet

With summer just around the corner, here are 10 top tips to get your feet ready for the summer 1. Trim or file your toenails Use nail clippers and cut straight across . Remember! Not too short and not down at the corners. 2. Go barefoot or wear open toed sandals  Whenever you can, in the hot […]

Posted on the 27th May, 2019

Hot or Cold Therapy. Which one should you use?

Contrast Therapy Also known as Hot and Cold therapy is often used to reduce inflammation, yet can also reduce muscular tension, increase blood flow and therefore reduce pain. The easiest way to use contrast therapy is with an ice pack or a pack of frozen peas and a hot water bottle. Contrast therapy can also […]

Posted on the 5th January, 2019

Could silent reflux be the reason your baby is unsettled?

Identifying what is making your baby unsettled can be worrying. One reason why your baby is unsettled could be silent reflux. Reflux is when stomach contents – milk and acid – come back up into the mouth after feeding. Typically, the baby brings up a bit of milk, which is also known as ‘posseting’. If […]

Posted on the 30th October, 2018

Hip Pain and Running……Stop!

Do you run with the annoyance of hip pain? Hip pain whilst running can be very uncomfortable. There are multiple muscles that control the movement of the hip. However, hip flexor injuries are incredibly common with runners. The main hip flexor is called the iliopsoas muscle which helps accelerate and deaccelerate the hip whilst running. […]

Posted on the 18th August, 2018

Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics   If you are sitting at your desk reading this on your PC or laptop, or you’re on a train reading on your phone or tablet, you’re not alone; most of us spend an average of 9.5hours a day sitting. When was your last workplace ergonomics assessment? Given the amount of hours we […]

Posted on the 4th May, 2018

The Wall – London Marathon 

The Wall – London Marathon    With The Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 just around the corner we asked some of our patients who are experienced marathon runners advice on hitting the ‘wall’.   What is it?  If you are running a marathon you have probably heard of the dreaded ‘wall’ that some runners hit […]

Posted on the 20th April, 2018