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Between 5-10% of the UK population suffer from jaw pain. Making simple tasks such as talking and eating more difficult. Osteopathic treatment may be what you need to eliminate your pain.

There are many causes of jaw pain, and osteopaths can help manage the musculoskeletal causes of the pain. The muscles that control jaw function can become tight or weak. This is often related to neck dysfunction and teeth clenching due to stress and anxiety.

Symptoms associated with jaw pain include:

  • Locking or clicking of the joint with opening and closing of the jaw
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Headache
  • Sinus pain
  • Toothache
  • Neck pain

Side effects from dental work can result in jaw pain, this can be due to having your mouth open for a long period of time. Other causes of dental trauma can be having teeth removed, root canals, etc. causing an asymmetry in the face, jaw, and upper neck.

What to expect during an osteopathy assessment for jaw pain 

At the initial consultation the osteopath will perform thorough questioning and examination to figure out the diagnosis. Our osteopaths will look at how your jaw is moving, the position and imbalance that might exist between the two bones that make up your jaw joint. If the condition is deemed appropriate for treatment the osteopath will explain the condition and give a plan of how many treatments to expect and how they can help. If the condition is not appropriate for osteopathic treatment, then advice will be given for where you can seek the appropriate expertise.

With conditions that are appropriate for osteopathic treatment techniques which seek to optimise the function of the jaw and provide symptomatic relief will be utilised. Exercises and advise on how to self-manage and facilitate your road to being pain free will be provided.

Our osteopaths also examine and treat any dysfunction in the muscles of the throat that affect your jaw, the vertebra in your neck and upper spine, and the bones in your head and face which may be associated with the symptoms of the jaw. 

If the cause of jaw pain is due to ongoing orthodontic work then osteopathic treatment throughout this process may help alleviate pain and dysfunction as the dental arch changes.

If you are suffering from Jaw pain or would like to find out more then please feel free to contact us.

by Harry Hovell