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Osteopathy addresses the body as a whole and not just the symptomatic area, without doing this, the source of the problem may not be found and the symptoms could recur. We will also provide you with a strengthening and stretching programme.
Physiotherapy analyses the movement of the body and understands in what direction and how the muscles and joints behave. We improve your movement, with a series of exercises and hands-on treatment such as massage and joint mobilisations.
At PT with Tash, my aim is to help you create a strong, supple body with the stamina to cope with your lifestyle. I can cater for both individual and small group sessions, and can tailor the sessions to your specific goals and lifestyle.
Medical acupuncture is also called dry needling and it is a form of modern acupuncture which is science based and has a modern understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body.
Cupping is a traditional healing art, it raises the skin and aims to draw blood up towards the applied areas allowing better circulation, thereby promoting healing, muscle recovery, and pain relief.
We use deep tissue massage as part of all our treatments. One or two of your muscles may need some specific work, such as deep trigger point work to reduce the tension, which may be caused by sport, exercise or stress.
Cranial osteopathy is a gentle yet effective form of osteopathic treatment. It can be used to treat people of all ages, and is particularly suited to treating babies and children.
Sports Therapy gets you back to playing your sport again as soon as possible. Sports Therapy is however not limited to helping Athletes. We can assist people with a wide range of issues from all walks of life.

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Hip Pain and Running……Stop!

Do you run with the annoyance of hip pain? Hip pain whilst running can be very uncomfortable. There are multiple muscles that control the movement of the hip. However, hip flexor injuries are incredibly common with runners. The main hip flexor is called the iliopsoas muscle which helps accelerate and deaccelerate the hip whilst running. […]

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