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Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is highly associated with postural strain. Using a computer can put a strain on the neck and tops of the shoulders. The body is not designed for keeping still. Instead, the muscles and joints are designed for movement. Sitting in one position at your desk all day is actually more work for your body than moving. As computer work is in front of us, chins and shoulders tend to move towards the screen. This places strain on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. The body tends to cope with poor and sustained posture rather than complain about it immediately and so it is not until weeks, months or even years later that symptoms start to develop.

How do we treat Neck Pain at Richmond Osteopaths?

We mobilise and stretch the muscles and joints in your neck and upper back to improve their health, so that your body can cope with desk-work again. Advice is given on how to improve your posture and relax the muscles of your neck. The key to improving work-place posture is not just to sit correctly but to keep the ribs, upper back and shoulder girdle moving whilst you are still sitting at your desk. Richmond Osteopaths offers ergonomic assessments in your work-place, the slightest change at your desk could make all the difference to your muscles and therefore your posture.

Our advice

Fidget. We tell all our patients to fidget. This is easy to do, just lift your arms above your head a few times and roll your shoulders around. Don’t leave it too long before you fidget again, it literally takes only a few seconds each time.