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Shoulder Pain

What is Shoulder Pain?

There are many causes of shoulder pain which may also be related to the neck and postural pain. Common shoulder complaints include frozen shoulder, impingement, shoulder osteoarthritis, dislocation and repetitive strain injury (RSI) of the tendons of the shoulder. This area relies massively on all the muscles to do their job properly all of the time. If one muscle is tired or injured it will affect all the rest of the muscles in this area resulting in reduced shoulder movement and pain.

How we treat Shoulder Pain and injuries at Richmond Osteopaths

As the shoulder relies so heavily on all the muscles working properly 100% of the time we try to pinpoint which muscles aren’t doing their job properly and then work on them with a number of techniques, such as massage, acupuncture, manipulation and stretching. The shoulder joint ought to be very mobile so control is a very important function, exercises are given to restore control. This will improve the efficiency of the muscles allowing them to do their job properly and reduce pain.

Our advice

The shoulders are designed to move. So move them. Lift them above your head, shrug and roll them around. Pretend you are throwing something or climbing something.