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What our clients say:

Some years ago, I had major surgery on my brain that involved my head being held stationary at a difficult angle for 12 hours.  The surgery was very successful but I developed severe headaches.  Over the years I have tried many different pain killers, some of which changed my personality and affected my balance and ability to concentrate, three different physios, chiropractors, exercise with a trainer, acupuncture – British and Chinese – and hypnotherapy. All helped to a degree but nothing significantly.

A few weeks ago I visited Nicolette who from the start appeared to understand my problem. Today, I am no longer taking any pain killers, my movement is much better, my balance is improved and my headaches are an occasional phenomenon, rather than a debilitating constant. What more could I have asked for?   I have got my life back and I am very grateful.

- Alan Stark