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What are Headaches?

Headaches are very complicated and are still not fully understood. They can be debilitating to the point that the person is unable to work or continue with simple activities . Tension headaches are the most common and can feel like a dull ache of constant pressure around the front, top and sides of the head.

How we treat Headaches at Richmond Osteopaths

The aim is to reduce the tension in the muscles around the neck and head in order to take pressure off the scalp. Stress can cause muscles to work overtime resulting in tightness and tiredness. This in turn reduces blood flow and increases toxins in those muscles causing pain. You may not be able to take the stress out of work and life but our therapists can help put the health back into the muscles and joints so that they are better prepared to deal with stress. Some people do not realise that they are spending a lot of their day with clenched fists due to stress and hunched shoulders. The muscles relax with movement so fidget.

Our advice

Invest in massage. It’s amazing what a massage can achieve. As I have suggested earlier, fidget to keep the circulation flowing. It takes 5 seconds to roll your shoulders.