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Pregnancy pain

I treat a lot of patients that present to me with spinal and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The predominant reasons for pregnancy pain are due to massive changes to the shape of the spine as well as the pelvis over a relatively short period of time - 9 months. These...

Hot and cold packs- the never ending confusion!

There always seems to be mass confusion on cold packs and hot packs and when to apply them to an injury.  I feel it is my duty as an osteopath to write about it today to avoid mass hysteria. Sometimes even practitioners seem to give the wrong advice but really it’s a...

Back Pain

Having treated 12 patients today with 7 of them suffering just for back pain prompted me to write a little about it as it seems to be an epidemic sweeping office workers in particular. It would strongly suggest that sitting still in one position for over 8 hours...

What our clients say:


Today I completed the first of five sessions with Andre at Richmond Osteopaths. I was very pleased how helpful, knowledgeable and professional Andre was. I felt better after the treatment and will follow his advice. I am looking forward to my second session.
Many thanks

- Vali Faulkner