Salomon citytrail Richmond Half marathon/10km/mini mile

Run time equals fun time! Hi boys and gals Richmond Osteopaths are so excited to be part of the Salomon Citytrail Richmond half/10 km/mini mile next month on the 22 March 2015 in Old deer park. It is a great event that is catered for all levels of fitness from the super fit running the […]

Posted on the 17th February, 2015

Sports Therapy Rocks

I myself am an osteopath, but I find working hand in hand with our sports therapist – Fisnik Baliqi creates the best results! Here at Richmond Osteopaths I can improve the health of the muscles and joints.  The second step involves Fisnik who can help with rehab thus warding off musculoskeletal problems and preventing a re-occurrence of […]

Posted on the 30th January, 2015

Testimonial – Fisnik Baliqi

A testimonial that is worth a bit of space on our blog page. Well done Fisnik! Three months ago I arrived in London after a long flight from Australia suffering from a recurring back problem. I was recommended to see Fisnik and enlist his help. After two consultation with him, I was able to continue  […]

Posted on the 19th December, 2014

Groin pain in athletes

Groin pain in athletes is one of the most difficult and interesting injuries to treat conservatively. Treatment of a groin pain creates phenomenal debate amongst practitioners. My question to you is why does such a common injury create so much controversy? The reason is complicated! The area has a lot of muscles, nerves and tendons […]

Posted on the 22nd November, 2014

Elbow pain treatment

There is a common misconception is that the elbow is a simple joint to treat! This is a general misunderstanding as the elbow is more complex than simply tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylosis) or golfers elbow (medial epicondylosis).  For those who have been lucky enough not to have experienced either problem, tennis elbow is pain that […]

Posted on the 16th November, 2014


Richmond Osteopaths provides Physiotherapy. We are a friendly team that are passionate about Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Sports Therapy. We would like to talk about Physiotherapy. What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy looks at the movement of your muscles and joints. It improves these movements with massage, stretching and strengthening exercises. How do we treat? One of the many […]

Posted on the 4th July, 2014


We provide physiotherapy. Our name Richmond Osteopaths can be misleading and people believe that we only provide osteopathy. Physiotherapy helps soft tissue injuries, muscle and joint problems. I like to use a combination of treatments that I find work best especially for sports injuries. I use deep tissue massage, not the kind of massage with […]

Posted on the 13th May, 2014

Natural movement.

Movement is the key to optimal health and well-being. It is evolutionary. Our bodies are naturally designed to be active and dynamic, however the tendency in this modern age is to neglect this and remain relatively sedentary – often for longer periods of time than we move about. And when we DO move around and […]

Posted on the 24th April, 2014

Have you tried Dry needling?

If you don’t have a strong aversion to needles then dry needling  is fantastic method for reducing  pain! However, it is not to be confused with Chinese acupuncture. What is the difference between Chinese acupuncture and dry needling is a question that comes up very often. Chinese acupuncture, funnily enough is based on Chinese medicine […]

Posted on the 29th March, 2014


There are tons of running tips and advice out there for new runners (like myself) and also experienced runners. My advice is to make sure that you use it. Use what makes sense to you, stick with it but keep asking for advice in order to change it. Change is as good as a rest, […]

Posted on the 9th January, 2014