Do you suffer from Hip and Back pain?

Our lovely personal trainer Natasha Howard at Richmond Osteopaths demonstrates a great stretching routine to help you on daily basis if you struggle with Hip and Back pain. If you have an unstable knee or experience a lot of pain into the lower back then it would be best to pop into the clinic for […]

Posted on the 12th September, 2016

Your first trimester of pregnancy and osteopathy

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy you may be experiencing an extreme range of emotions due to a massive influx of hormones that may make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. In addition, your body will be working hard to create this little being inside of you which […]

Posted on the 30th May, 2016

Fascia and can tight fascia cause pain?

What is Fascia? Fascia is a connective tissue and as the name suggests it connects everything especially muscles and internal organs. It creates a web beneath the skin. I have always thought of fascia as an allusive term and in the past it has been very misunderstood by many medical professionals. However as time has […]

Posted on the 18th April, 2016

Hey guys…We have moved!

It has been a crazy long and lengthy process but we have finally moved clinics! I can’t believe it but our journey began almost a year ago and I would never have imagined that the process of buying a lease and renovating a property would be such a challenge to us but we have finally […]

Posted on the 30th March, 2016


We’ve all certainly felt the chill in the weather, especially over the last few days. The biting cold on the way to work is heralding the arrival of another winter. After just arriving back in London after two months in Australia I have definitely been digging out the winter woollies and heavy coats, cranking up […]

Posted on the 11th January, 2016

Part 2: The effects of stress

Welcome to part 2 of this 4 part mini-series on the darker side of stress, if you missed it part one about the internal effects of stress  is here (  Part 2 is a little bit shorter for easier reading but no less interesting: The stress of a broken heart can be life threatening Broken […]

Posted on the 31st October, 2015

The paradigm of modern life: part 1

Here is a 4 part mini series of articles focusing on stress. During these articles I am going to explore the darker side of stress that no-one talks about, and I am going to provide you with possible techniques to combat it. Stress has become the paradigm of our modern lives; society here in the […]

Posted on the 12th October, 2015

Are you a headache sufferer?

As a headache sufferer for many years I can definitely empathise with the 47% of the population who also suffer from some form of headache disorder. Many headache sufferers go undiagnosed and untreated, relying purely on over the counter medication to keep the symptoms at bay. While there are many different types of headaches those […]

Posted on the 8th June, 2015

A whole new world!

From Australia to the UK: Starting my Osteopathic career over 6 years ago in Australia I was lucky enough to land a full time position in a busy clinic with a great team of Osteopaths. I learnt so much and loved my chosen career path. However, after 4 fantastic years I found myself getting a […]

Posted on the 17th April, 2015

Richmond Osteopaths – Running

Running; a fantastic exercise for keeping fit or losing weight! With the Salomon Citytrail Richmond half/10 km/mini mile coming up in March, it has brought back memories of the London Marathon a few years ago, when I had volunteered to treat runners after the race. What a wonderful experience it was; meeting and treating people […]

Posted on the 27th February, 2015