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Running is a fantastic sport that you can do anywhere, all you need to do is pop on your trainers and off you go. Whether you are running your first race or if you are a seasoned runner here are some top tips to get you through your race.

Here are 5 top tips for running races

  1. Carb loading: It is much better to spread intake over 5 small carb rich meals than one large feast the night before. Eat small and regular.
  2. Look after your feet: Invest in good trainers that are suitable for your build, foot width and shape. Ideally you should have the shoes a few months beforehand to make sure they are well worn in. Wearing new trainers is not recommended. There are many free services at your local running shops that will evaluate your feet and choose the correct shoes for you. In addition, don’t forget to cut those toe nails!
  3. Look after your body: The key is injury prevention! If you are running and you notice a persistent niggle or pain, STOP running, stretch the area out and rest to see if it will resolve itself. Then go for a really short run, if the pain is still there, don’t ignore it, book in for a treatment. In these cases, most people only need 1 or 2 treatments and we can get you across that finishing line.
  4. Don’t forget your calves: Your calf muscles are your power houses for walking and running. Keep them strong. Going up and down on your tip toes or planks help to strengthen them. Ask us for more strengthening advice.
  5. Don’t forget your recovery: Your muscles need protein. After you have crossed the finishing line we recommend protein shakes such as for Goodness Shakes and then try to get a good balanced meal within a couple of hours. Recovery tights are recommended and a good ol’ massage!

There are many marathons coming up such as the Virgin Money London Marathon and before that the Paris Marathon. We are here for your running needs just give us a bell.