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There are so many running events happening at the moment and last weekend saw the Richmond Running Festival return for another year. Our very own team took part in the Kew Gardens 10k on Saturday.

If you have signed up to an event, then congrats to you and good luck with all the training. Please do remember that your rest days are as important as your training days. We can help you achieve your goals by helping to prepare your body for your upcoming challenges.

Stability & Mobility: Simple Stretches for Better Movement

Stability & Mobility are key to a happy and healthy body! This combination is imperative and essential to every area of the body.

Natasha Howard is our own personal trainer who is demonstrating a small routine that can help improve your flexibility and strength…. Don’t be fooled, our flexible lass makes it look super easy, but it is not!

If you have any pre-existing, new muscle or joint problems, pop in first before attempting the short clip (below) and make use of our FREE 15-minute treatment, here at Richmond Osteopaths.

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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.