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There is this saying in Chinese medicine: “if Qi is free, there is no pain, if Qi is blocked, there is pain”.

Qi is the vital energy that basically powers the body. Chinese Medicine draws many of its philosophy from observing nature and making comparisons with the human body. Just as if a boulder stops a stream of water, the water will make another path to continue flowing, you can see similar events happen within our bodies, varicose veins for example.
So in order to keep this Qi flowing, we first need to identify any obstructions and remove them appropriately. This will allow the body to restore balance and “heal itself”. Acupuncture achieves this by locating specific acupoints to either remove obstruction, or bring back balance.
Now this philosophy is very similar to one of osteopathy. The rule of the artery is supreme. Circulation is considered as one of the most vital aspect of treatment in osteopathy. Blood flows throughout the body to bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells for them to function and heal, and take away carbon dioxide and any waste products away from the cells. So good circulation means good healing ability and maintenance of good health.
So what would happen if this circulation is hindered?
– Body will not be able to function optimally
– Injuries will take longer to heal
– Complications could occur
Healthy body requires healthy circulation. It is the job of an osteopath and acupuncturist to find any obstruction to healthy circulation, whether it’d be previous injuries, tight muscles, joint dysfunction, or poor posture and sedentary lifestyle, and help remove them by utilising series of techniques including but not limited to mobilisation, massage, manipulation, and acupuncture or dry needling.
I have spent many years specialising in both Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine….if you are having any health problems please come and visit me for a better quality of life.