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I woke up early one Sunday morning to a text message from a good friend to tell me that she loves my advert in the Sunday times. I rubbed my eyes and re-read her crazy message.  I was really confused and then put it down to one of two factors:

  1. She must be losing her marbles, or
  2. She must have got me confused with someone else (great friend…eh!)

I went with the number 1 conclusion. As it was a Sunday I left my phone next to the bed and went off to do the never ending DIY list that I have managed to rack up with buying a little old flat. I came back to my phone at the end of the day and I had 4 more messages about the article in the Sunday times. I was really confused. I came to the conclusion that either everyone has gone mad or I am missing out a key piece of information. I decided to go newspaper hunting at about 9pm on a Sunday night (probably the first for me). The first store I got to was closed and to my frustration the next store was sold out of the Sunday Times Newspaper…erg! Lucky store number 3 had one little newspaper left!

I flipped to the lifestyle section and there was a picture of one of my patients… Vicky Silverthorn recommending our services.

Vicky Silverthorne is a professional declutter to the stars and a successful entrepreneur. She is also Lilly Allen’s personal PA. I was totally shocked as she had not mentioned it to me and also because so many people that I know had read it! Anyway, I have received numerous phone calls as a result. What I am most enthused about is getting the word out there. We are a passionate team who are so blessed to be in a rewarding profession.  We see a transformation in people in front of us whilst we are treating them. When a person comes in with pain it can affect their mood, work life and sometimes even their personal life. After a few sessions the pain subsides, people become happier and brighter within themselves. I have the best job in the world. What can be more rewarding than that?