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Arsenal Football Club contacted me to teach their physiotherapists my Foot and Ankle course. All physiotherapists and osteopaths continue training as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which is governed by the Health Professional Council (HPC) and General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) they ensure that this is achieved every year. Although I too attend courses, I also teach. A very popular course that I have designed is my Osteopathic Foot and Ankle Technique Course, which I teach to qualified physiotherapists all around the UK. The physiotherapists enjoy it because it is very ‘hands on’ and it is something that they can use the very next day in their own clinic.

I got a call one evening asking if I’d be interested in coming to a North London Football Club to teach the physiotherapists there. I said sure no problem but would you mind putting it in an email as I was just on my way out.

Not thinking too much about it until I got the email the next day from Arsenal Football Club asking if I would go to their training ground to teach their first team physiotherapists my Foot & Ankle Techniques? Err, yes! Of course I would!

It was a great experience going to the training ground, seeing their facilities and teaching the Arsenal Football Club first team physios. They were very friendly and loved the course, especially as they said one of the main injuries sustained were foot and ankle injuries. The word has got around and I now have other premier football clubs in the pipeline! I would love to go to Rugby Clubs to teach the physiotherapists and osteopaths there.