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Our lovely personal trainer Natasha Howard at Richmond Osteopaths demonstrates a great stretching routine to help you on daily basis if you struggle with Hip and Back pain.

If you have an unstable knee or experience a lot of pain into the lower back then it would be best to pop into the clinic for a treatment before attempting these stretches.

The summary of this stretching routine is a crosses legged position, lunge and child’s pose… as simple as that! This great routine takes  only 2 minutes a day and it will make a world of difference to your flexibility. There is no need to read any further please click onto the video below.

If you have any questions please contact us at Richmond Osteopaths: 02089487171 or email us on



A breakdown of the stretches and points to keep in mind

Gently get down into a seated crossed legged position, also called easy pose in yoga terms. Ideally the knees should not be too high at the level of your hips joints.

Remember to engage the abdominal muscles and tip forward from the hip joint keeping the spine nice and long. You should not feel a stretch into the knees but only into the hips and lower back.

Use your hands to support you whilst you stretch forward. Each stretch should be held for around 20 seconds.

Next get into the lunge position with a straightened back leg. Don’t let you knee come past your toes.

Gently move your foot forward and onto the ground to encourage a stretch to the outer aspect of the hip. Gently move your hands forward supporting you whilst stretching the lower and upper back.

Hold for 20-30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. If you have an unstable knee please don’t do this stretch.

Finally move into a gentle child pose position