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I have worked incredibly hard on getting my article on fatigue testing on basketball players completed and I felt an incredible sense of satisfaction when we managed to get my scientific article published in journals of sports medicine and physical fitness.

The article evolved from my final year at university, like physiotherapy and osteopathy students I had to complete a dissertation in order to graduate. My original plan at college was to just get the task done! I planned get the dissertation completed as quickly as possible and hand it in so that I could go on summer holiday. However, this certainly did not happen! Once the process began I became more and more interested in the results, I wanted to remove any variable factors that could taint the results and I ended up spending my entire summer holiday inside the science building doing tests and analysis. This certainly was not planned but the result is a piece of work to be proud of.

The objectives were to do a simple fatigue test on basketball players on the same team where I was working as a sports and rehab therapist. The tests involved measuring their repetitive sprint before and after the game. However I ended up measuring their lactic acid, heart rate, water loss, movements during the game (jumps, sprints and runs), implementing bio-mechanics during periods of fatigue and implementing all these factors to the injury prevention.

This was very time demanding Project but I am happy with the results. I have to mention that all this work could not have been possible without my supervisor, colleague and friend Dr. Anne Delextrat. She has been inspirational. In future months we are planning to look at the particular programs in prevention of Knee injuries on Females and groin injuries on Males. I am so excited to see what these results may show. Watch this space and I will do my best to keep you up-dated!

Written by Fisnik Baliqi