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At Richmond Osteopaths we are always trying to find a solution for the long hours that a lot of our patients spend at a desk. Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect solution. We could advise people to move to a desert island where it is warm and bright and where there are no stresses in the form of bills, work and commuting. However, this wouldn’t be very practical.

From our knowledge of the human body, anatomy and physiology, we have found a solution that will compensate for working at the computer desk and sitting still for hours on end. Due to the nature of a lot of our patient’s type of work, desk based activity is what is demanded on a daily basis. A great solution is to fidget. This is easy as it simply means to move. The body likes movement. It is designed to move. It does not like to be still. There are so many joints in the upper back. These joints are designed to move. If there is a lack of movement this is when many people start to develop pain as sitting for 8 hours at a time is a very unnatural position for our bodies to be in. From an evolutionary perspective we are designed to be hunters and gatherers. Hence, we have incorporated movement as a key feature into our treatment approach by including techniques such as mobilizations, massage and manipulation. Manipulation is where we put a bit of pressure on a joint that is not moving. This technique may produce a clicking sound, which increases the movement of that joint and encourages the joint to move naturally.

Fidgeting is easy and really simple to do, just roll your shoulders, lift your arms up above your head and twist your back from side to side. These simple movements take only seconds to do. Please don’t think that I am suggesting that you keep getting up from your chair and do exercises, rather I am suggesting that you put some movement into those joints in your upper back a few times a day that takes no more than 10 seconds to do. I hope you enjoy your new sense of freedom!  If you are experiencing any pain or stiffness a course treatments of either physiotherapy or osteopathy could also keep the muscles and joints moving and healthy