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Being qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Osteopathy and Cupping Therapy allows HP to offer you a wide range of treatment.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a traditional healing art that has been used by many ancient civilizations, including China which originally used bamboo cups. Flame is added into the cups, which dries the air and the cups are instantly applied on the skin. This causes suction of the skin and allows the cups to stay on.

Nowadays glass or plastic cups are used, but with the same principles. It raises the skin and aims to draw blood up towards the applied areas allowing better circulation, thereby promoting healing, muscle recovery, and pain relief.

How does cupping Therapy work?

Chinese medicine believes that blockage of Qi (body’s vital energy) can cause pain and problems. Blood is the physical manifestation of Qi. So by drawing up the skin, cupping allows free movement of blood thereby allowing Qi to move and relieve pain and resolve problems.

This drawing up of the blood with the suction in a specific point causes micro-capillaries to burst and which can result in some round bruising around the area, which normally disappear after 2-3 days. It is a very simple tool but difficult to master and use effectively. So make sure to see a fully licensed traditional acupuncturist before seeking any cupping treatment.

How can cupping therapy help you?

The British Cupping Society state that cupping therapy can be used as an effective treatment for a variety of problems including High blood pressure, Migraines, Anxiety and Depression.

If you are experiencing pain, have an injury or need help in reducing inflammation, cupping therapy is very useful. It contributes to your well-being and is a form of deep tissue massage. If requested and is appropriate HP is able to combine osteopathy, cupping and acupuncture to give you the most effective treatment.

At Richmond Osteopaths, we offer a free 15-minute treatment. So don’t let little aches and pains become chronic, why not book in and see us.