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J MacInnes

Andre has been treating my teenage son following a serious ankle injury. We received very little advice and no follow up care from the hospital. I decided to seek help from Andre following recent successful treatment of a separate, less severe rugby-related injury. Both times, Andre has provided excellent treatment, consultation and advice in a calm, professional and very experienced manner. His knowledge and expertise dumbfounds me and I am very grateful for his help. Furthermore, Andre’s manner and expertise are such that my teenage son listens carefully to his suggestions and follows his advice.

Andre’s care goes beyond simply treating the physical symptoms too as he has shown consideration for my son’s mental well being understanding his frustration at not being able to play sport and has sought to address this accordingly.

I would definitely recommend Andre and we are very grateful for his help in ensuring my son’s recovery is the best it can be.

Posted on the 10th December, 2015 by Austen Ham-Howes

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