Natasha Howard

Level 3 Personal Training from Premier Training, Level 2 Kettlebells

Natasha Howard – Personal Trainer

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Are you short of time? Are you out of shape?

If you have answered yes to any of the above than Natasha is the trainer for you! Not only will she tailor the program to your needs and if you are seeing one of our osteopaths/physios we work together to specifically tailor a program to aid your recovery.

Natasha holds a level 3 Diploma in Personal Training from Premier Training. Tash’s work focuses not only on exercises to help create an aesthetically pleasing body but on a body that moves and functions at its optimum.

Strength, stamina and suppleness are all developed simultaneously. She holds level 2 kettlebells, exercise to music and postural awareness and corrective exercise.

She is interested in the way the mind and body connect and work as one. With a passion for mobility, yoga and dance form much of her own training program.

Natasha is available for one on one and group training sessions and she now is available for home visits.

If you are interested in finding out more then contact her on: 07450 847018