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Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Massage is a big part of what we do at Richmond Osteopaths.  As physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists we use deep tissue massage as part of all our treatments. One or two of your muscles may need some specific work, such as deep trigger point work to reduce the tension, which may be caused by sport, exercise or stress. Other muscles may need more general massage to increase circulation and improve the overall health. The amount of tension in the muscle will govern how much pressure is applied. This may cause some discomfort so talk to your therapist if it becomes too uncomfortable. The aim of deep tissue massage is to get the muscle functioning better so that it takes pressure off the other muscles and joints.

For example, lower back pain can cause some of the deep muscles in your back to tighten, they do this because they are trying to protect you. The muscle therefore won’t be able to do its job properly. It will restrict movement and put pressure on other muscles and joints causing further pain. Massage feeds the muscle with food and oxygen helping it to relax and function better. Massage works wonders and we would not achieve the amazing results we get with our patients without it.