Orthotics Assessment with Gait Analysis

This session provides you with a detailed examination that will aid us in diagnosing common problems such as plantar fasciitis, repetitive strain injuries as well as dropped arches which can put the body into misalignment, potentially causing pain and discomfort. Other common problems including dropped arches are metatarsalgia, calluses, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain and heel spurs which are addressed.

At Richmond Osteopaths we ensure that your orthotics are tailor made to ensure that they fit your feet perfectly. As such, a full gait analysis assessment is carried out with a specialised 3D foot pressure mat and this provides us with a detailed breakdown on how you load your feet and provides information on the symmetry with both graphics and a clinical breakdown.

Our podiatrist will then take an impression of your feet and will then make your orthotics in a specialised lab. Your orthotics are made with quality material, they are thin and will be able to fit into the majority of your shoes.

If you are unsure as to whether you need orthotics please book in for a free 15 minute consultation with our podiatrist.