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Physiotherapy looks at the movement of your joints, muscles and your overall functional movements.  This could mean looking at how you bend your spine, squat, jump up and down or how you stand up from the seated position. Physiotherapists help improve these movements with massage, joint mobilisations and movement based exercises. And of course, help reduce any pain that you may have.

Physiotherapy and Sport

The demands of professional sports are ever-increasing and injuries can be an inevitable reality for most sports players. Physiotherapy can be used as a healing process as well as a preventative measure and as a means of conditioning the body. The range of sports injuries aided by physiotherapy is vast but is primarily focused on the treatment of muscular pain, strains and the rehabilitation process following fractures of bones, or severe muscle and ligamentous tears.

Rehabilitation of a sports injury can take 6 to 12 weeks depending on the nature and severity of the injury. However, physiotherapists recommend that the sports player return to their sport sooner rather than later. This helps the injury repair and reduce the risk of recurrence. This, however must be advised by your physiotherapist, do not return to sport without proper advice and treatment. There are key things a physiotherapist must check before returning to sports, such as stability of the joints and ligaments.

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