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Diabetic Foot Assessment

All people with diabetes are at greater risk for developing limb-threatening ulcers or wounds. The problem is often worsened by nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy), which occurs in half of all people with diabetes and can diminish their ability to feel pain. Foot care is essential as diabetes effects the blood flow to the foot and can therefore impinge on the healing ability of the foot.

Thats why it’s advised that if you suffer from diabetes you should have your feet checked at least twice a year by a podiatrist.

During a diabetic foot assessment, our podiatrist will do a thorough dermatologic exam, looking for any skin or nail lesion, neurologic exam to rule out any neuropathy, neuromuscular/musculoskeletal exam and vascular exam to check the blood flow in your feet is as it should, then after the assessments, foot care will be provided.