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Wrist and Hand Pain

What is Wrist and Hand Pain?

Wrist and hand pain is less common complaints. The body will try to compensate using the elbow, shoulder, neck and upper back to keep the wrist and hand pain free and functional. When the wrist and hand have become painful it means that the body has lost the ability to compensate and needs help. This means that the muscles and joints in your back are stiff and tight and need massage and mobilising. The upper back is designed to move frequently but due to modern day life the requirement for the back to move is minimal, therefore there is more pressure on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand to do their job.

How we treat wrist and Hand Pain at Richmond Osteopaths

We treat the tendons, joints and muscles of the wrist and hand but more importantly we massage and mobilise the elbow, shoulder, neck and upper back as well as the surrounding muscle groups. We will then advise you on how to prevent it from recurring.

Our advice

Don’t let it get to this stage, once it has your upper back and neck are probably stiff and tight by the time your wrist and hands hurt. Keep your back moving and get some treatment. If you have a wrist and hand injury from a fall or sports injury, apply ice and seek advice.