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Trapped Nerves

What are ‘Trapped Nerves’?

Nerves don’t really become trapped, as they travel out of the spinal canal to the arms, legs, fingers or feet, they have to go under, over and through structures to get to their final destination. Thus the nerves don’t always have a clear pathway. Any one of these structures can compress a nerve resulting in pain. This is then further aggravated by the bodies protective inflammatory reaction which in turn causes more pain and irritation to the nerve and the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

How we treat ‘Trapped Nerves’ at Richmond Osteopaths

We aim to clear the pathway of the nerve and reduce the inflammatory response. We use a variety of techniques to free up the joint and relax the muscles and therefore reduce pain and irritation. Once the inflammatory process has started however, the nerve can sometimes remain irritated even when the obstacle has been removed. As a result we would give you advice on hydrotherapy and stretches to aid in the reduction of this response.

Our advice

Ice. Inflammation is very painful. Although we need inflammation to help with healing and reduce the risk of infection, it involves a lot of chemicals that irritate the nerve itself and the muscles surrounding it. Remember, ice may not make you feel good as you apply it but it will help in the short term. And then once the pain starts to abate heat can be applied to bring blood oxygen and healing to the surrounding tissues.