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Sports Injuries

What are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries can be anything from a sprained ankles to a fractured femur. Based in Richmond we see a lot of sports injuries. People today are generally more active and are taking part in more events such as marathons, triathlons, football and many other sporting games. Although we recommend sports and exercise, unfortunately, injury can be a part of these activities.

How we treat Sports Injuries at Richmond Osteopaths

The R.I.C.E. method should be applied immediately if an injury has been sustained. Depending on the type of injury more often than not we advise you to continue with your sport whilst having treatment. The body heals better with movement and treatment will ensure it heals in an optimal way. We will though teach you the value of resting intervals also in your recovery program. Different treatment techniques are used depending on the injury, such as strapping, icing, medical acupuncture, massage, stretching and mobilisations. Rehab is an important part of treatment to get you back to sport as soon as possible.

Our Advice

Always ice immediately. We see so many people who still don’t apply this method. Simply stated ice reduces inflammation. It is often the amount of inflammation present not the actual injury that causes the pain and irritation so apply ice!