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Rib Pain

What is Rib Pain?

Rib pain can be very painful or just an annoying ache. Although the rib cage is a stable structure to protect the heart, lungs and other organs, it is also a very mobile structure and each individual rib needs to move frequently. A lot of muscles attach onto the ribs, so if a rib stops moving properly, the muscle attached to it may go into spasm causing discomfort. Rib pain is not a serious condition and resolved easily. It may be a sign of poor posture or sustained incorrect posture, where there is with a lack of movement over long periods of time.

How we treat Rib Pain at Richmond Osteopaths

We identify which rib is not moving properly and then we mobilise and manipulate it to improve the movement. Mobilising and massaging the surrounding muscles and joints is an important part of the treatment. Postural and ergonomic advice is suggested to prevent recurrence.

Our advice

Whilst working in a sedentary environment such as at your PC, try to fidget. Keep your shoulders moving by rolling them and lift your arms above your head frequently throughout the day. At Richmond Osteopaths we will always recommend that your recovery begins and ends with movement.