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Pregnancy Related Discomfort

What is Pregnancy Related Discomfort?

Hormones released during pregnancy allow the ligaments in the pelvis and lower back to soften and the joints to become more mobile in preparation for birth, these changes may cause discomfort to the back and pelvis.

Weight increases as the baby grows, the centre of gravity shifts forward, putting strain directly onto the joints in the back, the muscles therefore have to work harder to keep the body upright.

How we treat Pregnancy Related Discomfort at Richmond Osteopaths

Our aim is to put health back into muscles with gentle stretching and massaging, we work on the joints to help relieve the pressure travelling through them. Exercises are given to take pressure off the muscles.

Our advice

Get some advice. The simplest little changes in movements will help. Massage of the struggling muscles allow them to better cope with the extra workload.

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