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Knee Pain

What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints that we encounter. People are becoming more active and taking part in more events such as running, cycling and skiing. The knee a very bony structure, doesn’t have a lot of muscle or fatty tissue to absorb impact. It relies heavily on the muscles and joints above and below to keep it healthy. Once the knee has become symptomatic it means that the hip and pelvis have stopped compensating and the ligaments and the joint of the knee itself then become inflamed and painful. The knee is no longer able to cope with the demands of both sport and the normal stresses of daily life such as walking and sitting.

How we treat Knee Pain at Richmond Osteopaths

As mentioned the knee relies on the muscles and joints above and below in order to function properly. Therefore we treat the hip, lower back and ankle by massaging the deep muscles to improve the health of the knee as well as working on the flexibility and strength of surrounding ligaments, muscles and the knee joint itself.

Our advice

Bend your knee fully and straighten it fully even if this is painful. We tend to lose the end of range movements as we get older and due to injury. Bending and straightening will help to prevent this, and it’s easy to do!