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Hip and Groin Pain

What is Hip and Groin Pain?

There are many structures in the hip and groin that can cause discomfort, such as ligaments, muscles, joint, nerves and blood vessels. Stresses from running and playing sport can irritate the muscles around the hip and groin. The hip joint is required to support a level of impact many times the weight of your body when running and jumping. The muscles and ligaments are specifically designed to reduce and cope with this force. The muscles around the hip and pelvis are mainly endurance muscles, they are designed to last all day every day. However, if they are misused or not used enough they can become tired and inflamed resulting in pain in and around the hip joint.

How we treat Hip and Groin Pain at Richmond Osteopaths

We mobilise the hip joint and massage surrounding tissues. As previously mentioned, the muscles require endurance, they are working all day at holding up the weight of your body. The way to improve endurance is through cardiovascular exercise, such as walking but these muscles need to be healthy to achieve this and that’s where treatment can help. Deep massage and stretching of those big muscles improves their health and allows them to do their job properly and efficiently.

Our advice

Keep active. Easier said than done when you have pain but the less you do the less endurance these muscles will have. Activate your gluteus muscles with lunges, squats, crawling and climbing.  See our specialists for massage, stretching, acupuncture and exercises.