Triathlete and Psoas Muscle Pain

Over the last two weeks I have been treating a top triathlete who had back pain and was struggling to run at his fastest pace. He explained that every nine miles of running he had a bit of pain that started around his left groin area and slowly moved up towards the left rib cage […]

Posted on the 18th June, 2013

What to do when low back pain strikes!

When low back pain strikes it is very tempting to lie down when one has an acute episode and simply try not to move! It is an immediate response. The body tells you it is in intense pain and if it is severe enough we may not even want to move your little finger in […]

Posted on the 17th June, 2013

Fidget – Posture advice

At Richmond Osteopaths we are always trying to find a solution for the long hours that a lot of our patients spend at a desk. Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect solution. We could advise people to move to a desert island where it is warm and bright and where there are no stresses in the […]

Posted on the 21st May, 2013

Journal of sports medicine and Physical fitness

I have worked incredibly hard on getting my article on fatigue testing on basketball players completed and I felt an incredible sense of satisfaction when we managed to get my scientific article published in journals of sports medicine and physical fitness. The article evolved from my final year at university, like physiotherapy and osteopathy students […]

Posted on the 10th May, 2013

Pregnancy pain

I treat a lot of patients that present to me with spinal and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The predominant reasons for pregnancy pain are due to massive changes to the shape of the spine as well as the pelvis over a relatively short period of time – 9 months. These changes occur in order to […]

Posted on the 9th May, 2013

Hot and cold packs- the never ending confusion!

There always seems to be mass confusion on cold packs and hot packs and when to apply them to an injury.  I feel it is my duty as an osteopath to write about it today to avoid mass hysteria. Sometimes even practitioners seem to give the wrong advice but really it’s a very logical solution […]

Posted on the 19th April, 2013

Back Pain

Having treated 12 patients today with 7 of them suffering just for back pain prompted me to write a little about it as it seems to be an epidemic sweeping office workers in particular. It would strongly suggest that sitting still in one position for over 8 hours should rather be avoided. As my business […]

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Arsenal Football Club, Teaching Their Physiotherapists

Arsenal Football Club contacted me to teach their physiotherapists my Foot and Ankle course. All physiotherapists and osteopaths continue training as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which is governed by the Health Professional Council (HPC) and General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) they ensure that this is achieved every year. Although I too attend courses, […]

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Knee pain (“jumper’s knee”)

Having just treated two patients presenting with knee pain within 2 hours of each other, with almost identical onsets, prompted me to write about “jumpers knee”.  It has been called this as it typically affects athletes involved with sports which require jumping such as basketball, volleyball, long jump etc. High profile sportsmen who have suffered with their patellar […]

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The Sunday times

I woke up early one Sunday morning to a text message from a good friend to tell me that she loves my advert in the Sunday times. I rubbed my eyes and re-read her crazy message.  I was really confused and then put it down to one of two factors: She must be losing her […]

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